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Klima - Kalamos - Manganari
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Klima - Kalamos - Manganari

Klima - Kalamos - Manganari

After driving from Chora to Mylopotas, follow the dirt road at the end of the beach, leading to the south coast of the island. This itinerary will maybe offer you the most interesting excursion. By passing Mylopotas and turning right at the crossroads, you reach the splendidly isolated beach of Klima.

If you enter the main road again, it will take you to the monastery of Kalamos, a very well-preserved 200-year-old building, a special place of worship for the locals. The same road leads straight to Kalamos, a beautiful pebbly beach, or, if you turn left after the monastery, the way to Tris Klissies reveals three beautiful secluded beaches, accessible only on foot.

A short way off lies Manganari. Four of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean, each one lying next to the other, wait for the visitor to enjoy their peaceful nature. There are many seaside taverns where you can taste great fresh fish.

We believe that Ios is one of the best places in Europe for people who are looking for unlimited fun, 24 hours a day! There is something for everybody on this tiny island - beaches, sports, excursions, restaurants, bars, culture, and one of the reasons Ios is so special is its very unique party style! If you are of college age and you had fun on spring break, or you didn't... go to Ios. Guaranteed to blow you away. You may never be the same.

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